• Wavelength shifting

  • Selective Color filtering

  • Light diffusion

  • Waveguides

The technology of LIGHT CASCADES® was developed initially by the French LPRL laboratory.

Based on nearly 30 years of work, the technology has been shown to provide significant benefits in agricultural and photovoltaic applications.
Depending on the application, the technology can be customized to convert the wavelengths of light from UV and visible light up to the near infrared or even further.

CASCADE develops luminescent formulations composed of optically active substances which interact with light to create a “light cascade” effect.  These formulations are integrated into a host material in order to provide desired optical performance for the end use, including agricultural and photovoltaic applications. The proprietary additives make it possible to convert the incident radiation of natural sunlight (or artificial light) selectively in order to boost absorption by the light receptor of interest (plants, solar cells, algae, the human eye, etc.).

CASCADE develops optically active, or  luminescent, formulations.

CASCADES LUMINEUSES® transform the quality of light.
The principal features of CASCADES LUMINEUSES® are:

  • Conversion of wavelengths of the light spectrum

    Using light cascade effects, the light absorbed by a material can be converted into an emission spectrum customized to the reception range of the photoreceptor, thereby optimizing performance for a given application.
  • Selective filtering of wavelengths

    The technology can be used to minimize light energy  of wavelengths which are harmful or not useful.
  • Diffusion

    An incident light beam can be transformed into multi-directional light for improved energy distribution.
  • Waveguide

    The technology can concentrate light in selected areas.

Light can be optimized for multiple applications.

The CASCADE team works with a network of academic and industrial specialists to constantly adapt and improve the technology.
The technology is suitable for many types of materials: plastics, paints, glass, etc.

In general, light cascade technology can be integrated within many types of host materials to optimize the properties of light based on the particular application (such as agriculture, algae production, photovoltaic energy, lighting, etc.).

Though based on several years of scientific research, this technology has never before been commercialized. CASCADE’s first objective is to industrialize this innovative technology for the agricultural sector. Afterwards, other applications (such as algae growth, photovoltaic energy, and LED lighting) will be addressed. Numerous other uses will surely develop.