Our Partners


  • Cnrs
  • Inra
  • Vegepolys
  • Iar
  • Atlanpole
  • Europe
  • Bpi France
  • Truffle Capital
  • Pays de la loire
  • Scientipole

The work of CASCADE is multidisciplinary, and involves physics, chemistry, and agronomy

To speed its developments, CASCADE fosters long-term collaborations with leading researchers and laboratories, including leading agronomic experimental stations, as well as with industrial and commercial experts in the greenhouse film industry.

Academic Researchers

CASCADE's internal R&D team focuses on the development of industrial formulations and collaborates with scientific experts in agronomy and polymer chemistry.

Industrial Partners

CASCADE is working with leading European suppliers of agricultural films to benefit from the manufacturing and commercial expertise of these manufacturers.

Agronomic Experimental Farms

To validate the performance of the technology for various crops in multiple geographies, CASCADE has coordinated trials with several leading agronomic experimental stations, both in France and abroad. Such trials also allow the LIGHT CASCADES® technology to be optimized for the particular crop of interest (e.g. strawberries, melons, etc.) and for the relevant growing conditions of the region to improve agronomic performance under real-world conditions.

Financial support

We thank the following organizations for supporting our project:

  • Competitiveness clusters : VegePolys, IAR, Elastopôle
  • Accelerators : Atlanpole, Scientipôle Atlansun
  • Investors and financial support : BPIFrance, Truffle Capital, Pays de la Loire Region, European Community

Our Values

CASCADE upholds three core values


Encouraging and promoting the creativity of our employees and partners


Developing close partnerships with a broad range of specialists


Contributing to the improvement of sustainable practices

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