The LIGHTCASCADES® technology encompasses multiple approaches to modify the properties of light, such as wavelength conversion, diffusion, selective filters and waveguides.
Controlling light makes it possible to improve performance of natural phenomena

Application of LIGHT CASCADES® to improve crop yield for protected crops

Light is an essential component in plant development.

The interactions of plants with light are complex and involve two different processes:  photosynthesis and morphogenesis. The former is a process by which light is converted into chemical energy, whereas morphogenesis is a biological process in which the plant’s development is affected by light signals perceived by the plant’s photoreceptors. The key wavelengths involved in photosynthesis are blue (400-500nm) and red (600-700nm) whereas the mechanism of morphogenesis is highly dependent on the species of plant involved. 
The controlled management of light provides a powerful way to significantly boost agronomic crop yields.

The LIGHT CASCADES® technology adapts light to the needs of the plants  

Only a fraction of natural solar radiation is used effectively in photosynthesis. LIGHT CASCADES® formulations for agricultural films adapt the solar spectrum to the specific light requirements of plants. The part of the solar spectrum that is of little use to plants is converted to wavelengths that stimulate photosynthesis, thereby leading to enhanced crop growth and overall productivity. In addition, the formulations are optimized in order to maximize the complex effects of the morphogenesis processes.  To verify the performance improvements, CASCADE conducts numerous agronomic tests on various crops in collaboration with recognized experts in agronomic research, both in France and internationally.

By optimizing the light transmitted to crops under plastic agricultural films, CASCADE boosts the growth processes of the plants and results in significantly improved crop yields.

The LIGHT CASCADES® technology provides an ecological and cost-effective means to increase the yields of protected crops while simultaneously reducing production costs and improving the efficiency of land use

Results Validated by Multiple Field Trials

Over the past several years, numerous agronomic field trials carried out on strawberry and melon crops have confirmed yield gains of more than 10% and an improvement in precocity of several days.  In addition, the fruit quality and taste were either maintained or improved.  Following such encouraging validation, CASCADE is now expanding its testing plans to include other crops such as tomatoes, roses, raspberries and watermelons. Geographically, the trials are planned in numerous countries including France, Spain, Italy, the US, the UK, and Belgium.

Other applications

Numerous other applications have already been identified.

Photosynthesis: Glass greenhouses, Mulch films, Algae production

For agricultural applications, CASCADE is now focused on the improvement of plastic tunnel films, but the technology can be extended to mulch films and glass greenhouses.  Furthermore, initial tests with algae have shown improved production of spirulina and chlorella.


Through its partnership with the French LPRL laboratory, CASCADE has developed data showing that the technology can be used to increase the efficiency of photovoltaic panels by optimizing the wavelengths of incident light transmitted to the solar cells.

Lighting: LEDs 

LED lighting can be improved by an optimization of the light emission spectra.

More generally, the LIGHT CASCADES® technology can be adapted to any application involving light, allowing a wide range of potential uses

Examples of applications developed by the LPRL laboratory, using the LIGHT CASCADES® technology :

  • Fiduciary applications (in collaboration with Banque de France)
  • Document authentification (in collaboration with Imprimerie Nationale)
  • Photovoltaic Modules (in collaboration with Total)
  • Agricultural Films (in collaboration with Elf)
  • Anti-counterfeiting solutions (in collaboration with a defense organization)

Our Values

CASCADE upholds three core values


Encouraging and promoting the creativity of our employees and partners


Developing close partnerships with a broad range of specialists


Contributing to the improvement of sustainable practices

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