ORCA : mélanges-maitres à cascades lumineuses pour films agricoles


Adapted to berries, double roof (thermal curtains) and low tunnels

LitePlus® masterbatches are concentrated optically active formulations (pellets) ready to be integrated into agriculture films

These masterbatches have been developed in collaboration with leading European agricultural film extruders.

More than 120 agronomic trials carried out from North to South of Europe in real growing conditions with the support of INRA agronomic research institute, University of Almeria, Tecnova, Adesva renowned experimental farms and professional growers have made it possible to evaluate, optimize and confirm agronomic performance of LIGHT CASCADE® doped greenhouse films on berries, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, melons, early potatoes...

LitePlus® Berry
Masterbatches for strawberry, raspberry and blueberry

Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries crops have been evaluated in several regions of Europe, notably in Huelva in Andalusia under real growing conditions at growers’ or agronomic experimental farms (such as ADESVA). Agronomic performances measured in Huelva over several years of trials were significant:

  • Strawberry: Yield gains +14%

    Sugar level +1° BRIX, Shelf life +0.7 day
  • Raspberry: Yield gains +14%

    Fruit quality maintained
  • Blueberry: Yield gains +12%

    Fruit quality maintained

LitePlus® Double Roof (Thermal Curtain): 'Veggie' & 'Tomato'
Masterbatch for Double-Roof (Thermal Curtain inside greenhouse) for winter crops of tomato, cucumber, pepper, zucchini, eggplant...

Use of double roof (thermal curtains) is increasing for winter grown crops to maintain a favorable temperature inside the greenhouse when the light is a limiting factor in winter.

CASCADE continues its strategy of adapting its technology by crop. In 2019, as a result of various trials in Spain, CASCADE has developed a LitePlus® Double Roof 'Tomato' formulation specifically adapted to the needs of tomatoes, allowing farmers to benefit from the same advantages of the technology as on other vegetable crops. This formulation enriches the light in the greenhouse in the blue wavelengths. 

The LitePlus® Double Roof 'Veggie' formulation is suitable for peppers, cucumbers, zuchhini and eggplants....

LIGHT CASCADE® technology integrated in double roof films has demonstrated significant agronomic performance in Almeria as measured in various reference agronomic farms (CAJAMAR, UNIVERISTY OF ALMERIA, TECNOVA, etc.):

  • Pepper: Yield gains +11%

    Number of fruits +16%, quality maintained
  • Zucchini: Yield gains +25%

    Number of fruits +24%, quality maintained
  • Tomato: Yield gains +16%

    Number of fruits +24%, quality maintained

LitePlus® Melon
Masterbatch for low tunnels Melon crops

6 years of research and trials, nearly 50 formulations evaluated in real growing conditions in France, Spain and Italy have made it possible to develop “LitePlus® Melon” masterbatch and validate its agronomic performance:

  • Crop yield gain

    6 years of trials in several production areas in France (South East, Center West) and in Spain have shown yield gains of more than 7% on average
  • Securing yields

    During difficult seasons, in terms of climate (low temperatures and sunshine), yield gains are accentuated and can exceed 25%
  • Earliness and improvements of fruit quality

    Several days of earliness have been observed in numerous trials. The sugar levels and the number of category I fruits are slightly increased. A reduction in crop waste has also been noted.

LitePlus® Primeur
Masterbatch for low tunnels Early Potato crops

Agronomic trials carried out over several years in Noirmoutier, West France , on early potatoes showed positive reaction to the light induced by LIGHT CASCADES® doped films.

Agronomic performances measured were:

  • Crop yield gain

    Close to 10% yield gains have been observed over 3 years of trials
  • Precocity

    More than a week earliness
  • Size

    Increase in the number of small sized potatoes better valued and sought after by growers

LitePlus® Berry, Double Roof, Melon and Primeur are the first industrial products incorporating LIGHT CASCADE® technology. This technology offers a very large potential and many other formulations are under development.