LIGHT CASCADEĀ® Technology increases crop yields
Written on May 7, 2023

LIGHT CASCADEĀ® Technology increases crop yields

  Tomato grown with LIGHT CASCADE® Technology reach higher yields in early & final phase in classic fertigation


Tomato trial at Tecnova: Season 2021 - 2022

Tecnova measured the following results when comparing the Double Roof with LIGHT CASCADE® technology to the standard Double Roof: 
  • Precocity: in flowering and fruit setting, in faster fruit development: -7 days in classic fertigation, in early marketable yield: +11.2% in classic fertigation
  • Yield Gain: Final marketable yield: +13% reaching the same yield and having more n° of fruits: +8% 
  • Fruit Quality: Sugar content: +0.2° Brix 
  • Chlorophyll content in leaves: +5% 
Marketable Yield in g/m² in classic fertigation


N° of fruits/plant with LIGHT CASCADE® technolgy


Chlorophyll content in Tomato leaves 

The light enrichment of LIGHT CASCADE® technology boosts photosynthesis of tomato crops to grow & produce more and earlier